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How PE Firms Execute Global M&A Opportunities

O’Dwyer discusses how private equity firms work with auto industry execs to pursue global M&A opportunities, among other topics.

The Digitalization of Mexico’s Automotive Manufacturing Industry

Ibarra discusses the future trends in the digitalization of the automotive industry in Mexico, and how companies should prepare for them.

Distressed German Companies: Creating M&A Opportunities

Hertzog discusses how to create opportunities with exceptional values when acquiring the operations of a distressed company in Germany.

India Auto Market: Transition from ICE to Smart Mobility

Bhatia discusses what is needed for India to emerge as a globally competitive manufacturing and export base, among other related topics.

The Nearshoring Boom and Its Impact on Mexico’s Talent Landscape

Ruiz discusses how the rise in nearshoring opportunities has influenced employment trends in Mexico, among other topics.

New Sanctions on Russian Nickel, Copper and Aluminum

Reisman discusses how the sanctions will impact prices paid by those in the automotive industry.

Mexico Auto Sales & Production: Winners and Losers

Karig discusses the overall sales and production climate for the automotive industry in Mexico.

Mexico Site Selection for Automotive OEMs & Suppliers

Swedback discusses why foreign automotive companies are locating operations in Mexico, and the most important issues they need to know about, among other topics.

China OEMs: Growing Protectionism Sentiment in US Govt.

Glick discusses whether trade issues, particularly with China, will be decisive in the upcoming election, among other topics.

Analysis: Post-Covid Years for Expats, Int’l. Business Travelers

Allen Koski discusses how artificial intelligence is affecting global healthcare trends, among other topics.

Analysis: Post-Covid Years for Expats, Int'l. Business Travelers
Turkish Automotive Industry: 2023 Review, 2024 Outlook

Suheyl Baybali takes a look back and a look forward at the automotive industry in Turkey.

Turkish Automotive Industry: 2023 Review, 2024 Outlook
India Customs and Global Trade Challenges

Krishna Barad discusses the emerging trade compliance and background on “Make in India,” among other topics.

India Customs and Global Trade Challenges