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Gas Prices and Miles Traveled  

Let’s take a look at the latest trends in fuel prices and vehicle miles traveled to see if things have stabilized.

Trends That Drive Aftermarket Service Opportunities

There is never a shortage of economic data to study.

Overheard: 78% Of Americans Confirm Gas Prices Impact Driving

Hankook Tire Gauge Index takes a closer look at the effects of current economic environment on when and why Americans drive.

Overheard: Diesel in Distress

The price of diesel fuel hit records in many parts of the country this week.

Overheard: The Most Expensive Car to Fill up

And you thought that 11-year-old SUV you own was causing the most pain at the pump … Wrong.

Gasoline Prices and the Aftermarket: Let’s Not Panic

Average gas prices in the U.S. have reached $4.17 per gallon, the most expensive in history (not correcting for inflation).

Overheard: Current Gas Price Spike Won’t Hurt VMT

Only when it looks to be permanent will consumers start to change their behavior.

Overheard: Gas Prices Climb Again

After dropping for a couple of weeks, the price of gasoline has resumed its climb.

Overheard: Gas Prices Highest Since 2015

The average price dropped from $3.38 a gallon to $3.34 but still higher than years past.

Overheard: Gas Prices Hit 2014 Levels

The average price of a gallon of gasoline in the U.S. hit $3.16 last week.

Overheard: Gas Prices Normalize

Something else that seems to have fully recovered from the recession is gasoline prices.

US Gasoline Demand More than ‘Halfway’ Back

Gasoline sales are a positive sign of recovery says OPIS, part of IHS Markit.