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Fuse5 Automotive Software (FAS) For Mexico Wins AAPEX Product Showcase Award 

Innovative cloud-based business management solution is now integrated with Epicor PartExpert for Mexico e-catalog. 

Fuse5 Automotive Releases Spanish Version Of Its Software

Earlier this year, Frontera Radiators expanded the use of Fuse5 Automotive Software from its locations in Texas to all of its locations in Mexico and has been an integral part of the development of the Spanish version of Fuse5 Automotive Software. 

Fuse5 Automotive Software Secures New Development 

Fuse5 Automotive Software, a U.S.-based provider of business management solutions for the automotive aftermarket, announced that it has secured a development partnership with Launch Deck, an Iowa City-based software development firm.  

Group Member Frontera Radiators Selects Fuse5 Automotive Software For Its Mexico-Based Operations

“For us, the decision of changing our ERP was a big deal,” said Arnoldo Ventura of Frontera Radiators. “In the end, it is the software you use that will set your ceiling for growth, so the most advanced and updated it is, the better.”