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US Motor Works Releases New Products for September

US Motor Works has released new water pump applications and a high-pressure GDI fuel pump in September.

USMW Water pumps
Delphi Announces Part Number Expansion Across Product Range

The Sparta line additions cover 4.9 million VIO in the U.S. and nearly 347,000 VIO in Canada, the company says.

What Causes Fuel Pumps to Fail?

Like most vehicle components, natural wear and tear is the unavoidable cause for parts replacement.  Fuel pumps are often out of sight and out of mind for most shop visitors. That’s because they are an as-needed repair and not typically a part of ongoing maintenance. Nevertheless, if you diagnose fuel pump failure, customers will want

Helping Customers Understand the Signs of Fuel Pump Failure

Fuel pump failures are never a one-size-fits-all diagnosis.  Different symptoms indicate different problems and often, the pump will still function—albeit erratically—as it fails. Explaining this to customers isn’t always easy, especially because many of them may not know that the fuel pump has more than one role. Shop owners and technicians can help customers understand

Why Fuel Pumps Fail

Over time, OE fuel pumps will inevitably wear out. A failing fuel pump delivers less fuel to a vehicle’s engine, the prolonged effects of fuel pump failure can develop into a significant vehicle setback. The three key signs of fuel pump failure include: Hesitation during acceleration Rough idle A vehicle that will not start Hesitation

GMB Now Offers GDI Fuel Pumps For 12M VIO

All GMB GDI pumps are strictly benchmarked directly with the OEM part to match both performance and durability.

US Motor Works Releases New Professional Series Fuel Pump Modules

The expansion includes 25 new fuel pump modules that are in stock and ready to order.

Aeromotive Introduces Brushless Fuel Pump Series

Designed specifically for extremely high horsepower vehicles, the new brushless series of pumps offer improved performance and efficiency especially for ethanol-fueled, street/strip applications.

Delphi Product & Service Solutions Launches ‘Clean The Tank’ Initiative

In a press conference, Delphi Product & Service Solutions introduced an industry-wide program aimed at educating technicians, DIYers and consumers on the importance of properly cleaning a vehicle’s gas tank prior to installing a new fuel pump.