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FTC Takes Action Against Harley-Davidson, Westinghouse

Agency orders require companies to fix warranties, come clean with customers, and compete fairly with independent repairers.

‘FTC Must Lead Efforts To Ensure Competitive Repair Industry,’ Says Auto Care Association

On Tuesday, July 16, Aaron Lowe, senior vice president, regulatory and government affairs for the Auto Care Association, testified before the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) during a public workshop on policies and research related to manufacturers limiting third-party repairs.

Hyundai Issues Statement On FTC Compliance Warning

The OEM has revised the wording on its website, related to a consumer awareness campaign from 2016.

Aftermarket Professionals Applaud FTC’s Compliance Warning To Hyundai

The agency has publicly warned the OEM that it is acting illegally under the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act to require the use of a manufacturer part or service in order to maintain a warranty.

FTC And NHTSA Hold Joint Workshop On Connected Cars

The program included panel discussions on connected vehicles, cybersecurity and individual privacy. During the discussions, the panelists weighed the benefits of self-driving technologies against the potential risks.