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Hot Shot’s Secret Renews Sponsorship of Firepunk Diesel S10

Firepunk Diesel and Hot Shot’s Secret are seeking to beat the record of 3.998 at 182.67 mph at Lights Out 13 event.

Hot Shot’s Secret Sponsors Firepunk Diesel’s S-10

The Hot Shot’s Secret-wrapped Pro Mod S-10 is poised to break even more records in 2020.

Lavon Miller’s Firepunk Diesel Truck Gets A New Owner In Josh Scruggs; Hot Shot’s Secret To Continue Sponsorship

Scruggs, of Triple Hart Repair and Fab located in Harrisonburg, Virginia, started racing in Honda classes and has since moved into diesel converting a ’96 Dodge into a pulling truck then trading for a 1986 drag truck with a 6.7L, 400% injectors, S480 turbo and raced 5.90 index to win the 2018 Rudy’s Fall Truck Jam.

Hot Shot’s Secret Congratulates Firepunk Diesel On Achieving A World Record   

Lavon Miller and his Firepunk Diesel/Save the Racks S-10 rode a rail all the way down to the finish line to break the world record at an amazing 4.47 at 167 miles per hour.