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FDP Friction Science Wins AutoZone Mexico Award

The AutoZone WITTDTJR award stands for “What It Takes to Do the Job Right.”

FDP Honors 50th Anniversary Of Three Employees

FDP celebrates these two longtime employees with the presentation of two scholarships to students at a nearby high school.

FDP Friction Science Offers Premium Line Of US-Made Brake Pads

Company says it sees opportunities to serve U.S. government and fleet vehicles with premium brake pads made in Virginia.

FDP Friction Science Goes Green

CEO Jack Carney showcases the company’s environmental improvements for Earth Day 2021 on April 22.

FDP Honors 50th Anniversary Of 3 Employees

A park bench at the VCU Riverside Hospital and a scholarship at Essex High School are being created in their honor.

FDP Creates Remote Learning Center For Employees’ Children

The FDP Momentum Center provides employees’ children with an on-site classroom learning facility and childcare resource.