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Aftermarket Defeat Devices Removed as EPA Enforcement Priority

The EPA returned enforcement of aftermarket parts to a standard “core” priority as it had been until 2020.

aftermarket defeat devices
MEMA Urges EPA to Address Challenges to Improve Air Quality

MEMA is urging the EPA to consider additional aspects concerning the aftermarket when addressing air quality.

All-Electric Fisker Ocean Extreme Achieves 360-Mile Range

EPA values confirm the Fisker Ocean Extreme has the longest range of any new electric SUV under $200K sold in the U.S.

50-State Emissions Certification For Roush Stage 3 Mustang

The 775 horsepower, 2021 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang passes the rigorous emissions compliance testing by the EPA and the CARB.

EPA Enforcement Hits Small Speed Shop With $180,000 Fine

The EPA issued a fine against a small speed shop in Colorado, for selling just 37 Hondata S300s over a two-year span.

Businesses Fight Against EPA Overreach

The $2 billion motorsports industry is at risk from government agency. Racing community pushes to enact RPM Act.

What’s The Deal With R1234yf?

The benefit of R1234yf is simple. Brake & Front End Editor Andrew Markel breaks it down for us.

SEMA Challenges EPA’s Motorsports Regulations In Court

Association reiterates importance of RPM Act to stop EPA overreach.

Bendix Gives Update On EPA Copper-Free Brake Plan

Current and forthcoming brake pads provide compliance as older friction becomes obsolete, says Bendix.

Ohio EPA Recognizes Bendix For Environmental Stewardship

For the second time, Bendix earns silver-level recognition in Ohio EPA’s Encouraging Environmental Excellence awards program.

EPA Considering Eliminating Refrigerant Sales Restrictions

Specifically, the proposed rule suggests reversing a 2016 rule that instituted air conditioning appliance maintenance and leak repair requirements to non-ozone depleting substances.

Chemours Petitions Supreme Court Concerning SNAP 20 Rule To Regulate HFCs

The EPA SNAP program was developed in the 1990s to protect the ozone layer by phasing out the chemicals that deplete it.