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BorgWarner Strengthens eMotor Business with XPeng

The company’s eMotor rotor will be used on the X9 MPV, as well as XPeng’s next electric B-class sedan.

BorgWarner Strengthens eMotor Business with XPeng
BorgWarner to Supply eMotors for Chinese OEM

Company expands into DHT and REEV market with high-efficiency, small-size and competitive motor products.

BorgWarner to Supply E-Motors for European Comm. Trucks

The BorgWarner HVH250 electric motor will power the e-axle for light-duty commercial trucks.

BorgWarner to Provide eMotors for Chinese EV Brand

The vehicle model equipped with BorgWarner’s high-voltage hairpin eMotor should start mass production in¬†October 2023.

BorgWarner to Acquire Santroll’s Light Vehicle eMotor Business

Based in Tianjin, China, Santroll designs and manufactures hairpin and concentrated-winding technology eMotors.