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California Sells Its 500,000th Electric Car

Veloz’s monthly “Sales Dashboard” shows total sales of electric cars in the state for November hit 512,717, up 30 percent from the month before and 164 percent from a year ago.

Capgemini Study Reveals Barriers To Electric Car Adoption In The US 

Battery capacity and charging station availability are the biggest concerns manufacturers and retailers must address to increase sales, according to the study results.

California On The Cusp Of Half-Million Electric Cars

According to just-released numbers, the state has just under 9,000 sales to go before it hits the goal.

Electric/Plug-Ins Dominate List Of Top 10 Fastest-Selling Cars

iSeeCars, an automotive and data company, completed a study on the fastest-selling used cars, analyzing more than 2.1 million one- to three-year old used cars sold from January through August of 2017.