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Edmunds: Pent-Up Demand to Prop Up New Car Sales in Q2

Edmunds forecasts that more than 4 million new cars and trucks will be sold in the U.S. in Q2 2023.

Edmunds Forecasts 15.2M New Vehicle Sales in 2022

Consumer appetite for new vehicles continues to run high, which will serve to build up deferred demand next year and beyond, says Edmunds.

Edmunds: New Vehicle Sales Expected To Drop In Q3

Analysts forecast a SAAR of 12.3M in September as inventory shortages continue to squeeze the industry.

Vehicle Trade-In Values Climb To All-Time Record High

Edmunds experts reveal which 3-year-old vehicles are getting the highest trade-in values as chipset shortages squeeze vehicle supply, demand soars in the used market.

New Vehicle Inventory Continues To Dwindle, Says Edmunds

Analysts say new and used car prices are on the rise as chipset shortages squeeze vehicle supply.

Edmunds Forecasts 15.5M New Vehicles Will Be Sold In 2021

Edmunds experts put together some of the biggest trends that they predict will shape the road ahead in 2021.

Edmunds Experts Forecast 2020 New Vehicle Sales

The Edmunds Industry Trends Report takes a deep look into factors that will shape the industry through 2020.

Automakers Confront Uncertain New-Vehicle Market In 2019: Edmunds

According to Edmunds data, new-vehicle sales are down 2.4% year-over-year through May, and Edmunds analysts maintain their forecast that 16.9 million new vehicles will be sold in 2019.

Edmunds Unveils The Best Family Cars Of 2019

Winners are highly rated by Edmunds and offer an abundance of family-friendly features.

Edmunds: Record Number Of Americans With Car Leases Ending In 2019 Will Face Significant Price Hikes

The experts at Edmunds are offering some tips to the millions of consumers who face paying hundreds more to lease the same vehicle now than they did three years ago.

Edmunds Announces New 2019 Tech Driven Award Winners 

The Tech Driven Awards honor the most innovative technologies and features available today in dealer showrooms.

Edmunds Experts Forecast 16.9 Million New Vehicles Will Be Sold In 2019 

Strong economic factors and record lease returns are expected to boost vehicle sales in 2019, but soaring vehicle prices and rising interest rates will create an affordability crisis for shoppers.