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Baidu Launches Fully Driverless Ride-Hailing Service

Baidu Apollo Go robotaxis will provide ride-hailing service in Shenzhen, China, with no safety operator present in the car.

Continental Conducts Tire Tests With Driverless Car

The company said its goal is to make the test results for Continental’s passenger and light truck tires more conclusive and minimize the impact of the test procedure on the results. The new test vehicle is based on Continental’s automated Cruising Chauffeur, which was developed for freeways.

Guest Commentary: When Will You Be Ready To Get In A Driverless Car?

In this commentary from Intel Corp., Jack Weast, a senior principal engineer and the chief systems architect for Intel’s Autonomous Driving Group, discusses the difference between the theory and practice of autonomous vehicle technology.

Driverless Cars, Shared Mobility To Transform Traditional Vehicle Interiors

ABI Research forecasts 11 million shared driverless vehicles will operate globally by 2030.