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Dorman Announces September Product Releases

More than 200 new motor vehicle parts were released, including an engine heater hose assembly, this month’s featured OE FIX.

Dorman Releases 300 New Products in August

Dorman says this month’s featured new products include four Dorman OE FIX parts.

Dorman Announces 230+ New Chassis Parts

Dorman’s chassis parts are designed for a direct fit and long service life.

Dorman Releases 300+ New Products in July

This month’s release includes four Dorman OE FIX solutions.

Dorman Releases 500+ New Products for June

This month’s releases include two new Dorman OE FIX solutions featuring upgraded designs that increase reliability.

Dorman Wins 3 ACPN Awards, Including Best Website

In addition to the best website award, Dorman also received the Receiver’s Choice awards from both Advance and O’Reilly.

Dorman Announces New Products for May 2022

New applications include new OE FIX flexible stainless steel braided fuel lines, which fit more than 2.3M GM vehicles.

Dorman Releases 250 New Products in March

Dorman says the new product releases include more than 100 new-to-the-aftermarket parts.

Dorman Products Releases Real-Time Inventory Tool

Leveraging Epicor channel connectivity, the Dorman website now connects directly with store inventory systems.

Dorman Releases New Products for December

December’s release of 308 new part numbers includes 93 new-to-the-aftermarket parts.

Dorman Announces 445 New Product Releases in November

This month’s new product releases are highlighted by 198 new-to-the-aftermarket parts.

Dorman Announces More Than 200 New Products In October

New additions include new OE FIX loaded magnetic strut for 2 million GM vehicles.