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The Impact of Open AI on Cybersecurity

AI is just the latest tool available to hackers as well as security professionals.

LG 1st to Meet Global Cybersecurity, Safety Standard

LG adds it also has acquired functional safety certification for its ADAS front camera in the ‘4M’ (Material, Method, Machine, Man) categories in 2022.

UL Issues 1st Auto Cybersecurity Program Certificate

The UL Solutions CAP Certificate recognizes that LG Innotek’s cybersecurity management system meets the requirements.

UL Solutions Advances Automotive Safety and Security

UL Solutions safety science experts will address automotive cybersecurity, functional safety, automated driving and more.

NTT Com, DENSO Collaborate on Vehicle Cybersecurity Center

NTT Com and DENSO began developing technology to detect and analyze vehicle cyber-attacks in 2017.

Survey: More Shops Being Paid to Clear Customer Data

More collision repair facilities are getting paid for the labor to erase personal data for a customer whose vehicle has been declared a total loss.

Cybersecurity & The Aftermarket’s Best And Brightest

OK, hold on tight – the next 900 words are going to snap you from IT to scholarships and back again.

DENSO Invests In Automotive Cybersecurity Software Company

Investment in Dellfer represents DENSO’s commitment to create safe and seamless mobility solutions.

GCommerce To Host Cybersecurity Webinar

“What You Need to Know about Cybersecurity in 2021” will take place Tuesday, Feb. 16.

GCommerce Responds To Targeted Cybersecurity Incident

Company has implemented measures to protect itself against future security incidents.

Washington Post Article Investigates How Automakers Collect Vehicle Data

Using a 2017 Chevrolet, Washington Post technology columnist Geoffrey Fowler hacked his way into the vehicle’s data, discovering the vehicle had an internet connection that was always on, and also was collecting data from his smartphone.

Coalition For Safe And Secure Data Responds To MA Right To Repair Ballot Story

The Coalition for Safe and Secure Data (CSSD) reached out to following the news coverage Thursday about an updated version of the Massachusetts Right to Repair bill heading to the ballot.