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PPG, Chery Automobile Open Color Lab in China

PPG color stylists and Chery designers will create new colors tailored to specific vehicle designs.

Chery Establishes New Connected Vehicle Research Institute

New energy and intelligent network research has entered a new phase.

China’s Chery Brand Reports Growth in Overseas Markets

It is the first Chinese passenger car brand to export more than 200,000 cars a year, the company reports.

HAAH Automotive Creates New Auto Brand For North America

All vehicles sold in the U.S. and Canada will be assembled in American plants bringing new jobs to America.

Quanergy Establishes Autonomous Vehicle/Smart Cities Partnership With Chinese Vehicle Maker Chery

On June 20, Chery unveiled the logo of its new brand Chery Lion, and announced its strategic plan of working with selected partners to solve technological challenges across the ecosystem. Quanergy has signed on to Chery Lion’s Smart Partner Program as the LiDAR partner, to focus efforts on advancing autonomous driving and smart cities in China.