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Open Call For 2022 Champion Oil Sponsorship Submissions

The review process is set to end Dec. 15, 2021.

Full-Synthetic Racing Power Steering Fluid From Champion Oil

The company says it reduces temperatures and delivers consistent steering response in competition applications.

Champion Oil Introduces Two New Car Care Products

An interior detailer spray and fabric cleaning foam join the car care lineup.

Champion Oil Offers DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid For Gas And Diesel

DOT 5.1 brake fluid was developed due to the lack of acceptance of DOT 5, which is a silicone-based fluid.

Champion Brake Fluid For Classic, Antique, Collector Vehicles

Developed to be used in older vehicles where moisture is going to be prevalent.

Champion Oil Launches Limited-Slip Friction Modifier Additive

New product developed for racing and high-performance vehicles.

Champions Use Champion SAE 20W-50 Racing Motor Oil

Champion Racing Motor Oils are “purpose-built” and designed for amateur and professional racing applications.

Champion Offers Power-Shield Assembly Lube & Oil Booster

The product is field-tested by engine builders and suitable for use in all high performance and racing engines.

Champion Oil Seeking Diesel Vehicle Builds for SEMA 2021

Each year, the SEMA Show features more than 1,000 project vehicles.

Champion Oil Announces 2021 Racing Contingency Program

The expanded program supports race teams from dirt track to pavement, to gas, diesel, circle track and drag racing.

Champion Oil Unveils Professional-Grade Penetrant

The new penetrant was designed to assist engine builders with rusted and difficult mechanical parts such as nuts and bolts.

Champion Oil Introduces 80% Ether Starting Fluid

The Professional Grade 80% Ether Starting Fluid is designed to work on gas and diesel engines in cold weather.