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Baidu Becomes First in China to Offer Driverless Airport Rides

Baidu’s Apollo Go autonomous ride-hailing platform is a step toward driverless airport transportation in China.

Baidu Launches Fully Driverless Ride-Hailing Service

Baidu Apollo Go robotaxis will provide ride-hailing service in Shenzhen, China, with no safety operator present in the car.

Baidu 1st to Provide Fully Driverless Service in Beijing

Users can now have access to fully driverless robotaxi service in three megacities in China.

Baidu to Add 200 Fully Driverless Robotaxis to Fleet in 2023

Baidu aims to build the world’s biggest fully driverless ride-hailing area in 2023.

Baidu Granted China’s 1st Permit for Fully Driverless Robotaxi

China is the first country in the world that allows fared fully driverless robotaxi operation in two megacities.

Baidu Unveils Next-Gen Autonomous Vehicle

The Apollo RT6, set to be released in China in 2023, integrates Baidu’s most advanced L4 autonomous driving system.

Baidu Takes Next Step with Autonomous Ride Hailing Services

This regulatory milestone allows the removal of a safety operator from the driver’s seat.

Baidu Wins Approval For Commercial Autonomous Car Service

The autonomous vehicle commercial permit allows Baidu to charge fees for autonomous services offered to the public.

Baidu Opens Robotaxi Service In Shanghai

Industry report estimates that robotaxis will account for 60 percent of China’s mobility sharing market by 2030.

Baidu Announces Autonomous Driving Milestones

Baidu CEO unveils vision for mobility of the future, a robocar that moves, communicates and learns.

Baidu To Test Test Driverless Vehicles In Cangzhou

Baidu will be the first company in China to experiment with various monetization mechanisms for autonomous driving services.

Baidu Tops Beijing Autonomous Vehicles Road Test For 3rd Year

Baidu was the leading company across all four categories.