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Aptiv’s Next-Gen ADAS Platform For EVS

The open and scalable ADAS platform reduces complexity and lowers total system costs.

US Secretary Chao Launches AV TEST Online Tracking Tool

The tracking tool provides data about the on-road testing of automated driving systems in 17 cities across the country.

DENSO Establishes A New Company Designing Key Components For Automated Driving

The new company will develop a next-generation processor, which can quickly and efficiently analyze large amounts of data from sensors and external communication to determine the optimal vehicle operation.

Older Drivers Embrace Active Safety Features But Resist Autonomous Vehicles, According To Munich Re, US Survey

When asked what they believe to be the greatest benefit of active safety features for senior drivers, nearly half (41 percent) of the survey respondents cited improved safety of elderly drivers, maintaining their independence (19 percent) and reducing societal costs from accidents (13 percent).

Robert Bosch Venture Capital Invests In TetraVue, Leader In 3-D LIDAR Technology

Ultra high-resolution 3-D data and imagery can help automated vehicles with the obstacle identification process.

Adient Joins University Of Michigan’s Mobility Transformation Center¬†

Affiliates to the program, such as Adient, commit $150,000 over three years in order to participate in selected MTC working groups and research programs as well as key research reviews and an annual MTC Congress. They also have access to the Mcity proving ground and on-road vehicle test beds.