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ILSAC Makes Request for New GF-7 Motor Oil Category

The Auto/Oil Advisory Panel (AOAP) and the API Lubricants Standards Group will begin the evaluation process of the new specification, which would replace the current GF-6 specification.

API Requests 0W-8 and 0W-12 Viscosity Grades

The American Petroleum Institute submitted a request to the Auto/Oil Advisory Panel and the API Lubricants Group to add these viscosity grades to the current ILSAC GF-6 specification.

API Approves PC-12 Diesel Engine Oil Category

Fleets and drivers should expect improved performance of oils which supports the enhanced durability of engines, and aids in meeting regulations, says API.

DanaAftermarket.com APIs Enhance Customer Connection

Dana currently offers eight active APIs, including: advanced shipping notification, availability, deep linking, order status, part details, part search by application, place order and pricing.

API Plans Aftermarket Audit Program For 2021

The program will ensure the quality of oils throughout the supply chain.

New API Gasoline Engine Oil Standards Coming on May 1

Creating new GF-6 motor oils involved collaboration and testing to protect engines.

API Engine Oil Licensing And Certification System Updated

“This new standard helps to ensure consumers have the peace of mind that they’re putting the highest-quality engine oils in their cars or trucks,” said Kevin Ferrick, director, API Product Programs.

API Warns Consumers Of False API Certifications On Oils

API is now posting oils displaying the API engine oil certification marks without authorization on its website.