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Sun Auto Tire & Service Launches Charitable Giving Program

“Accelerating Success,” a strategic mission-based program that unifies all brands in all markets, ensures positive corporate citizenship.


Sun Auto Tire & Service has announced the launch of its corporate charitable giving program, Accelerating Success. Although the company has prioritized community partnership, corporate citizenship and charitable giving across its various brands and markets since its founding, Accelerating Success enables the company to focus its charitable efforts on supporting and partnering with communities through their area schools.

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“At Sun Auto Tire & Service, we pride ourselves on generating goodwill and demonstrating appreciation for our brand’s communities and its members. By supporting them through their local schools, we are providing future generations with the tools that will accelerate their continued growth,” said Frank Kneller, CEO, Sun Auto Tire & Service. “This company-wide program ensures that these communities and schools are receiving the assistance they need from the brands in their community that are passionate about their success.”

In the past, the company, which boasts a portfolio of more than 200 auto service stores across the south and southwest United States, has given back in numerous ways, including donating $24,000 worth of restaurant gift cards to schools in Tucson, inviting local high school marching bands to help celebrate store grand openings in Houston, and donating $11,000 to local Tulsa charities during a community event called the Tire Rodeo.


Sun Auto Tire & Service’s 10 automotive service brands accommodate in excess of one million customers per year through more than 1,500 service bays in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas and Oklahoma.