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Stirling Lubricants Named Champion Distributor Of The Year

Since 1985, Stirling Lubricants has been a trusted oil manufacturer and distributor headquartered in Rochester, New York.


Champion Brands announced this week that Stirling Lubricants of New York was selected as its Distributor of the year.  

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“The Champion Racing & Performance Distributor of the Year award is our most respected and highest honor,” said Karl Dedolph, director of Racing and Performance products at Champion. “Each year, the award seeks to recognize independent aftermarket distributors who display excellent customer service, business acumen, market knowledge and willingness to improve and evolve their business with industry and market changes. Finalists are chosen from customer satisfaction comments posted on different social media platforms that exemplify the tenets of the award.”

Since 1985, Stirling Lubricants Inc. has been a trusted oil manufacturer and distributor headquartered in Rochester, New York. They produce exceptional quality cutting oils, stamping oils, quench oils, hydraulic, and way oils plus distribute branded high-performance and high-quality lubricants, including a wide range of chemicals.

“We are proud to represent Champion Oil,” said Steve Stirling, president of Stirling Lubricants. “Their full line compliments our commitment to top-tier lubricants and strategic marketing. In addition, few companies give us such strong support and encouragement. Champion understands the complexities of doing business in today’s market. Quality products are more than a commitment with them; high standards define the way they do business. Champion is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified and Registered Company.”


“Champion uses top tier additives and base stocks to formulate products for outstanding wear protection, fuel economy, high temperature stability, long-life protection, improved efficiency, oxidation resistance, lower evaporation, increased performance, friction reduction, and lubricant compatibility across a wide range of engine operating conditions and applications,” added Stirling




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