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Steven Ng Joins CAWA’s Manufacturers’ Advisory Council

Ng is currently the national WD sales manager for Mando Aftermarket North America.



Steven Ng of Mando Aftermarket North America has been appointed to CAWA‘s Manufacturers’ Advisory Council. During the appointment process, Tom Seboldt, chair of the board of directors, commented, “We are pleased that Steven is joining our association’s team as we have seen him at previous leadership meetings and are appreciative of his perspective on contemporary industry issues.

 “The current leadership looks forward to his participation and contributions, which will assist the Association in achieving its goals as an effective automotive aftermarket industry organization,” added Seboldt.

Ng is currently the national WD sales manager for Mando Aftermarket North America. He has been a part of the automotive industry for approximately 18 years, serving his first 13-plus years in dealership sales, finance, and the service and parts segments for both Toyota/Lexus and Honda/Acura. He moved to the aftermarket during the past three to four years, having to completely reassess his understanding of the dynamics of the traditional aftermarket world versus OEM. Ng spent his first two years in the aftermarket with TYC Genera Corp., learning the basics and building relationships, networking with long-time industry professionals, as well as discovering fundamentals to become more than just the average salesperson. When he started with Mando, he became more engaged with CAWA and started to realize how imperative it was to our industry. Aside from being a current member of CAWA, he also recently became a Young Automotive Network Group (YANG) Mentor, and of course a proud supporter of the Auto Care Association and the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association. 


Upon his appointment, he commented, “It would be an absolute honor to partake in such an exciting opportunity and experience in the CAWA’s Manufacturers’ Advisory Council.”



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