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Spanesi Americas Distributors Receive Awards And Recognition For 2017 Sales Results

Among those recognized, Steve Smith (pictured, left), owner of Automotive Collision Equipment of Florida, earned the Distributor of the Year award for 2017.


2017 Distributor of the Year, 3rd Quarter Top Sales and 2017 Directors Club Awards Recipient Steve Smith (left) of Auto Collision Equipment of Florida and Timothy Morgan (right)

Spanesi Americas recently recognized individual distributors for their 2017 contributions and accomplishments during its ‘2018 Kick Off’ Distributor Meeting at its North American Operations Center in Illinois.

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Among those recognized, Steve Smith, owner of Automotive Collision Equipment of Florida, earned the Distributor of the Year award for 2017. Smith’s activities in the Southeastern States set his organization’s efforts at the top of Spanesi America’s distributors.

“We are extremely proud of Steve for his contributions and accomplishments during 2017 to the Spanesi organization,” said Timothy Morgan, chief operating officer and managing director of Spanesi Americas. “Steve and his staff earned the Spanesi 2017 Top Distributor of the Year award for their sales and service accomplishments.”

This is the second year in a row that Smith and his team held Spanesi Americas top honors. In addition to earning the Distributor of the Year award, he also was recognized for the 3rd Quarter Top Sales award, which earned him the recognition of being included in the 2017 Directors Club again in 2017.

Additional awards earned in 2017:

  • 1st Quarter Sales Leader, Darrin Jorowski, The TED Group/Rondex, from Canada
  • 2nd and 4th Quarter Sales Leader, Paul French, Tri-State Collision Equipment, from the Central Plains area of the United States

The 2017 Directors Club award goes to those individuals and organizations that have met or exceeded the needs of their territories in 2017, included in this category are:

  • Steve Smith, Automotive Collision Equipment of Florida
  • Kevin Lombard, Lombard Equipment Inc.
  • Anthony Iaboni, Collision 360
  • Paul Fus, Michigan Collision Equipment LLC
  • Darrin Jorowski, The TED Group/Rondex
  • Paul French, Tri-State Collision Equipment

In the “Rookie of the Year” category, new distributor Paul French of Tri-State Collision Equipment took home the award.

The “Most Improved Distributor in 2017” honors went to Kevin Lombard, Lombard Equipment Inc., located in the New England States, for the largest sales improvement in 2017, in comparison to 2016.

Also during the event Spanesi Americas recognized Thomas “Tom” C. McGee Jr. with the “Employee Appreciation Award” for outstanding service to the collision repair industry as a Spanesi Americas employee during 2017.

“Spanesi Americas performed phenomenally in 2017 and exceeded the expectations of the Spanesi Group,” said Morgan. “With the support of our extremely talented employees, distributors and industry-leading product and support offerings, we achieved incredible results in 2017. Spanesi Americas is coming off of our best year yet and we have extraordinary momentum at the beginning 2018. We are all excited to present the products being released this year and look forward to really making a positive impact in the collision repair industry in 2018!”



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