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Sound Press, PhaseZero Announce B2C Automotive Strategic Partnership

Sound Press serves as e-commerce strategy and execution experts for companies such as GM, ACDelco, Canadian Tire, PepBoys, AutoPlus, distributors, and other non-automotive manufacturers.


Sound Press, a digital marketing agency with more than 20 years of experience, and PhaseZero Ventures, a leading B2B and B2C eCommerce software provider, have joined forces to bring B2C wins to the automotive aftermarket, distribution and manufacturing sectors.


Sound Press, as a digital agency, serves as e-commerce strategy and execution experts for companies such as GM, ACDelco, Canadian Tire, PepBoys, AutoPlus, distributors, and other non-automotive manufacturers.  

Adam Smith, president and Founder of Sound Press, said, “Customer experience in digital transformation is a fundamental principle for success.  Without the right integrations behind the ecommerce framework, it’s impossible to deliver a great customer experience.  We’ve found that PhaseZero has invested in and solved some of those critical integrations.

Smith added, “To be successful in ecommerce, the top three needs are good margins, repeat customers and low costs to acquire customers. We can’t drive traffic to a site that won’t convert customers to a sale due to poor CX. It’s important for distributors and manufacturers to know the commitment needed in such areas to win in their space.”


Ram ChandraSekar, founder and CEO of PhaseZero, says, “We are excited to partner with Sound Press. Adam and the Sound Press team bring deep industry expertise and a strong track of record of helping customers succeed in the digital marketing and ecommerce journey.”    

From a powerful search engine designed to quickly search and find right parts, real-time inventory, customer specific pricing, seamless order management and customer self-service capabilities, PhaseZero CxCommerce delivers a world-class unified customer experience solution with a turnkey Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform built and architected for the industrial and automotive distributors and manufacturers. PhaseZero CxCommerce integrates with legacy parts catalogs, manufacturing plant inventories, order management solutions, and shipping carriers to deliver real-time order statuses.


“We’ve worked with many ecommerce platforms and data companies over the years,” said Smith. “We’ve seen great wins, and a lot of failures from companies that didn’t do the right planning and architecture from the beginning that then call us for help. Two of the biggest issues to solve related to bringing consistent and unified customer experience involves good data architecture, and integration to inventory warehouse management platforms.  PhaseZero has invested in partnerships with world-class data providers to bring the parts data and digital contents for automotive aftermarket as an example, but also allowing for individual distributors and manufacturers to input their own data.  We’re looking to deliver successful ecommerce outcomes in partnership with PhaseZero to our customers.”


Sound Press and PhaseZero are looking to accelerate the online business for progressive distributors and manufacturers that are eager to recover from last year’s challenges; delivering excellent digital commerce and unified customer experience to customers in newly established multi-generational buying habits in the forever changed ecommerce landscape.  

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