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Distribution Heavy-Duty Parts Catalogs Go Digital

ShowMeTheParts Powers new e-catalog for Thermal Solutions Manufacturing.


Thermal Solutions Manufacturing, a provider of high-quality industrial heating and cooling parts for light and heavy-duty trucks and equipment, has partnered with Vertical Development for development of its e-catalog.


Vertical Development helped get accurate information to Thermal Solutions’ customers online in the form of an e-catalog using its proven, easy-to-use platform, ShowMeTheParts.

Thermal Solutions now offers a searchable, mobile-friendly, catalog to showcase its high-quality engine cooling and temperature control automotive parts, along with its line of heavy-duty parts , including replacement radiator cores, truck radiators, tractor radiators, lift truck radiators, industrial radiators, DPFs, DOCs, charge air coolers, and A/C condensers for heavy-duty applications.

Vertical Development created ShowMeTheParts as an online complement to its catalog mapping services. The company says the site contains the largest public parts database on the market, offering millions of entries with interchange information, specifications, data sheets, photographs and even 3-D views. All of this data is accessible online through a simple web interface that works on computers and mobile devices. 


The platform is scalable, allowing agricultural, heavy-duty, and industrial manufacturers like Thermal Solutions to use ShowMeTheParts in a form that best fits their needs. With such a vast collection of parts, the company needed a robust solution to digitally organize and present a myriad of options to its customers, while also being able to readily add to its portfolio of parts. By partnering with Vertical Development, Thermal Solutions was able to bring integral parts information to its customers using a data system with years of development and refinement behind it.

Now, Thermal Solutions has a distinct competitive advantage by being one of a few parts providers in this space to offer customers digital, anytime access to industrial and heavy-duty applications, according to Vertical Development. The image thumbnails allow techs to look at the parts they are servicing and compare apples-to-apples. In addition, customers can now use smartphones and tablets to access the catalog since it is mobile-friendly. 


“ShowMeTheParts gets our data updated immediately. This is critical for new product launches and it helps to reduce our overall number of returns and increase customer satisfaction,” said David Hamill, director of product management for Thermal Solutions. 

ShowMeTheParts uses an HTML5-based front end with an API that integrates with existing websites, which means both current and prospective customers can visit Thermal Solutions’ website and seamlessly look up parts information from any modern browser. The database gives users an easy way to find the information they need for ordering without having to contact customer service. Customers can search for parts by the product type and vehicle make. 


Click here to view a video demo of the heavy-duty e-catalog.

“For our heavy-duty and industrial temperature control products, there are a number of critical data points which we must deliver to our users for them to find the correct fitment. A few of these are OE Core Size References, OE Numbers and Product Construction Type. We needed to have this information front-and-center in our application search,” explained Hamill. 

To meet those precise requirements for Thermal Solutions, Vertical Development created a clean and intuitive product lookup with ShowMeTheParts, which allows users to filter on the specified information.

Searches also can be done based on the part itself. A cross-referencing option can find the right Thermal Solutions part based on the part numbers from other suppliers, while the “Part Search” option displays a buyer’s guide with compatible vehicles for that part number. 


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