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Sens.It TPMS From Alligator Now Covers Subaru 433 Mhz Vehicles

New to Subaru is a location-detection feature, which the sensor also supports.


Alligator RS universal TPMS sensors now covers the new Subaru vehicles with 433 MHz Schrader OE sensors (2019-21 Ascent, 2018-21 Crosstrek, 2019-21 Forester, etc).


The vehicles are part of a new trend for Subaru – the first North American models with TPMS used 315 MHz sensors but the newer models are 433 MHz.

Also new to Subaru is a location-detection feature, which the sensor also supports. When rotating tires, there’s no need to reset the system with a scan tool to set the new tire locations in the ECU – simply park the vehicle for 20 minutes then the display will show the new locations on the dash after driving for a few minutes. Using sensors that have an auto-location feature is especially helpful for DIYers who perform tire rotations at home but don’t have access to a scan tool for registering the new sensor locations in the vehicle’s module.

Alligator RS sensors support the full range of OE features that can make the techs’ jobs easier, reduces unnecessary downtime in the bays for TPMS learning or sensor issues, helps your business’ bottom line, and keeps your customers happy and coming back. Regardless of the tool you use to program your Alligator TPMS sensors, this new vehicle should be available for programming after you


complete the latest update.

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