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Royal Purple Is A Surprising Way To Save On Gas

Fuel system additives show 6-10% savings on fuel economy.


As gasoline prices hit an all-time high of $5, consumers and businesses are in search of ways to save on fuel costs. The experts behind the Royal Purple brand report that utilizing the correct fuel system additives can save up to 6-10% on fuel economy. For shipping industries that are spending as much as 50% of their budgets on fuel, this equates to massive savings. For American families, saving on fuel is a critical step in combating growing concerns about rising inflation.


“We need fuel to keep society moving,” said Rusty Waples, director of brand & product marketing at calumet branded products, LLC, which owns and manufactures the Royal Purple brand. “Where people can usually improve is making fuel run longer and more efficiently. That’s where fuel system additives come into play.”

Fuel system additives work by removing fuel system deposits. This allows engines to run better, increasing miles per gallon and performance. It’s a simple solution that consumers can use at home or request at a local service center.

“The key to maximizing fuel economy through fuel system additives is to use proven products built for your engine,” added Waples. “Our Royal Purple research team has developed the industry’s best-performing fuel system additives for both gasoline and diesel engines. When your engine runs more efficiently, you save gas, maximize performance, and prolong the life of your vehicle.”


Not all fuel system additives are equal. Independent test results show an increase of up to 10% in diesel engines when using Royal Purple Max-Tane and up to 6.1% when using Royal Purple Max-Clean. Each product works differently. Max-Tane is an all-in-one performance additive for diesel engines that optimizes fuel economy and performance. Max-Clean is a fuel system cleaner and stabilizer for gasoline and diesel engines as well as 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines. Retailers that stock Royal Purple products include Walmart, Amazon, O’Reilly Auto Parts, NAPA Auto Parts, AutoZone, and Advance Auto Parts.

“What keeps us moving at Royal Purple is solving the challenges that our customers face every day,” said Rusty Waples. “Right now, fuel costs are affecting every business and household. We want to make sure people know that solutions are available to help them get the most they can out of every tank of fuel.”



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