Rislone Introduces New Diesel DEF Treatment 

Rislone Introduces New Diesel DEF Treatment 

It keeps diesel exhaust fluid crystal-free and makes SCR and DEF emissions systems maintenance easy, Rislone said.

Rislone introduced its new Diesel DEF Treatment (p/n 4780), an expansion of its line of products for cleaning, optimizing and maintaining diesel selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, the company said.

The formula protects SCR and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) systems against harmful deposits that can otherwise build up and reduce engine performance, increase fuel consumption, and eventually keep the vehicle from running, according to Rislone.

Rislone Diesel DEF Treatment is a maintenance product to be added with every fill-up of the DEF/AdBlue tank in diesel cars, trucks or SUVs, the company said. It improves DEF fluid performance and prevents white crystallization deposits from forming anywhere in the system, including the tank, pump, heater, sender, lines, injector and mixer.

Diesel vehicles that are already showing signs of white crystal buildup – such as warning lights, reduced power and fuel efficiency, or being in “limp mode” – should first be treated with Rislone DEF Crystal Clean Diesel DEF & SCR Emissions System Cleaner (p/n 4784), according to Rislone. Once the system is clean, regular use of Rislone Diesel DEF Treatment will help keep it that way.

“Most over-the-road truck fleets have a handle on preventing DEF contamination and crystallization, but many individual owners of diesel-powered vehicles don’t realize they need to maintain their SCR systems,” explains Clay Parks, Rislone vice president of development. “Those consumers are shocked when their cars or trucks start throwing codes or go into limp mode because of problems in the emissions system. Then they’re shocked again when they get the repair estimate. We spent more than a decade developing our new DEF products to help customers keep their diesel-powered cars and trucks on the road with a minimum of effort and expense.”

Modern diesel vehicles are equipped with SCR systems to reduce exhaust pollutants and meet stringent diesel emissions standards. These systems inject diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) into the exhaust gas to convert harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) into nitrogen and water. Under certain conditions, DEF can break down and evaporate, leaving behind white crystal deposits. As these crystals build up, they clog SCR system components and cause performance problems, Rislone said.

Diesel vehicles that are regularly driven at low speeds, with light loads, for short durations, or that make frequent stops are especially prone to developing white crystal deposits in their SCR systems, added Rislone, noting Rislone Diesel DEF Treatment works with all UREA DEF/ AdBlue fluids to prevent crystal deposits. It will not void manufacturers’ new vehicle warranties. 

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