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Right to Repair Advances Toward Ballot in Massachusetts

The Right to Repair Coalition reports that 80,000 certified voter signatures will be delivered to the Secretary of State today.


BOSTON – The Right to Repair Coalition has announced that the group’s consumer voter initiative will advance toward the 2012 ballot in Massachusetts, having collected 80,000 certified signatures to be delivered to the Secretary of State’s office in time for today’s deadline. The group noted it exceeded the required 68,000 signatures to put the measure on the ballot.
If passed, the new law would require carmakers to provide all non-proprietary repair information to consumers or technicians through a device that can access the same information that manufacturers now provide to their own dealers.
“This strong, pro-motoring-consumer language makes it easier and more cost-effective for motorists to get their cars repaired where they want, especially important during tough economic times,” said Art Kinsman of the Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition. “For the first time, consumers in Massachusetts will have a full range of affordable options when it comes to car repairs.”
The 80,000 certified signatures will be delivered to Secretary of State William Galvin today.

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