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REV Group Introduces Aftermarket Parts Offerings Through REV Parts

These new introductions are aimed at developing a comprehensive and cutting-edge portfolio of specialty vehicle parts.


REV Group, a manufacturer of specialty vehicle brands and a leading provider of parts and services, has introduced a series of aftermarket product offerings during the first half of 2018 through its parts division, REV Parts LLC. These new introductions are aimed at developing a comprehensive and cutting-edge portfolio of specialty vehicle parts. Key introductions during the first half of 2018 include:


ZeroRPM Idle Mitigation System

REV Parts has partnered with ZeroRPM to be the exclusive provider of ZeroRPM’s Idle Mitigation System for specialty vehicles. ZeroRPM’s Idle Mitigation System aims to cut vehicle operating costs and reduces environmental impact by allowing vehicles to run without idling the engine. This allows operators to use A/C, heat, auxiliary power and internal systems while reducing operating costs and environmental impact.

RV Toll Pass

REV Parts is the exclusive provider of the newly introduced RV Toll Pass from TransCore. RV Toll Pass enables recreation vehicles of all types to access the nation’s Open Road Tolling facilities with a single transponder. This new product allows RV owners who travel across the U.S. to take advantage of lower toll rates and manage toll payments from their computer.


Vital Vio Antibacterial White Light

REV Parts has announced the addition of Code 3 Inc.’s Patient Compartment Light powered by Vital Vio’s VioSafe White Light Disinfection Technology. These innovative vehicle lights provide continuous disinfection of bacteria on objects and surfaces along with safe illumination with precisely engineered wavelengths of visible light. Vital Vio lights have powerful applications in a variety of specialty vehicles including ambulances, busses, motor coaches and RVs.

ADCO Protective Covers

REV Parts has added ADCO Products to its lineup of RV accessories. The company says that ADCO is one of the RV industry’s most respected providers of RV covers. Products span full vehicle covers, windshield covers, propane tank covers and wheel guards.


The company says these new product offerings and vendor partnerships further REV Parts’ commitment to serving dealer and end customer needs, making it efficient and easy to find top quality parts and accessories.

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