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Registration Now Open for ETI’s Summer Tech Week 2012

Summer Tech Week takes place June 12-14 in Dearborn, Mich.


ROCHESTER, Mich. – Since 1947, the Equipment & Tool Institute (ETI) has been meeting with automakers in order to fulfill one of its most important goals: “To provide members an ongoing stream of current and advanced specialized technological information through planned, cooperative dialog with vehicle manufacturers.”
For the past 32 years, one of the ways ETI has been meeting this goal is by conducting formal workshops, held once a year with each automobile manufacturer. These meetings have been grouped together, where possible, into week-long sessions known as Tech Week.
These meetings are a significant part of the benefits ETI offers its members. Many member companies maintain that these meetings are just as important as the data that is provided by ETI through the TEK-NET Library. Certainly, Tech Weeks are the best time to ask the automakers questions about the data they provide and learn about new models and systems. It is also the right venue to find out what new safety features and procedures as well as what ecological requirements are recommended by each automaker so that ETI members can implement these features into their tools and equipment when necessary.
Tech Week is also your opportunity to form relationships with automaker personnel that can be very valuable to your company and your career, both short- and long-term. Face-to-face networking is important in any business and ETI provides a unique opportunity to meet the people that directly affect your company and your job.
If you are a product manager or an engineer involved in product design that requires specialized automaker information to properly deploy your products, then Tech Week is for you.
If you need to build or improve your company’s relationships with key automaker personnel, Tech Week is for you.
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