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PRO Rebates Program Surges In Reseller Participation

The number of resellers receiving rebates has more than tripled year-over-year, says AAM Group.


The number of resellers receiving cash back via The AAM Group’s PRO Rebates program has surged more than three times since 2020. Offered exclusively to resellers who are part of AAM’s Total Truck Centers or Performance Corner program, PRO Rebates awards cash back on purchases made of certain brands during certain months. Rebates range from 2% to 5%, depending on brand, and are automatically delivered to resellers in the form of prepaid VISA cards.

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PRO Rebates gives resellers cash back on products they already buy, and the whole process is automated—so there are no numbers to track or forms to submit to get paid.  The AAM Group sends out postcards and emails to notify resellers of upcoming featured brands; it also lists each month’s brands at and

To participate, a reseller must fulfill the following criteria:

Resellers with questions about PRO Rebates can contact their AAM WD sales team, call (888) 251-4252, or email [email protected].