PHINIA Expanding Education Program to North America

PHINIA Adapting Education Program for North America

Neil Fryer, VP and GM of Global Aftermarket for PHINIA, discusses the company's "Masters of Motion" program.

In this aftermarketNews Executive Interview with Neil Fryer, VP and GM of Global Aftermarket for PHINIA, he shares the present accomplishments and future goals of the company. He also provides an update on current and upcoming educational opportunities the company offers its customers.

aftermarketNews: With the spin-off from BorgWarner complete, what has been the impact on the brands and what does it signal for their future direction?

Neil Fryer: Our brands, Delphi, Hartridge and Delco Remy, all have a strong reputation and history in the aftermarket industry. It was important for us to retain that heritage, while giving them a platform for growth under the new company, PHINIA. Establishing our own focused strategy and workforce following the spin-off from BorgWarner has given us the freedom to grow our business and create value for key stakeholders with our high-quality products and market-leading aftermarket service, all the while focusing our efforts on driving the future of sustainability for internal combustion engines. 

AMN: PHINIA values the education it provides with its products. Explain how the Masters of Motion Program fulfills that.

Fryer: Masters of Motion represents a sustained commitment to prioritizing the workshop and the technician in Delphi’s drive to lead the automotive aftermarket. The initiative is a suite of how-to videos, graphics and guides aimed at helping technicians upskill with new technologies, including new parts for electric vehicles (EVs).

The spirit of education and partnership is embedded throughout this program — it was developed in collaboration with technicians across Europe. We also surveyed over 4,000 workshops and completed four in-depth consultation groups to ensure that technicians’ real-world experiences were captured. From our time with the workshops, we learned they needed assistance with new, unfamiliar technology and support to work on the vehicles in their workshops today.

AMN: The Masters of Motion Program is primarily focused on your European customers. Can you tell us about any plans you’re working on for North America?

Fryer: We are currently in the planning phase of adapting our Masters of Motion campaign for the North American market. More to come very soon! 

AMN: PHINIA highlights its efforts for sustainability. How does that translate to the aftermarket side of the business?

Fryer: Regular vehicle maintenance is crucial to ensuring diesel and petrol cars run as sustainably as possible. If you can keep vehicles on the road longer, you mitigate the impact of putting a new car on the road. At PHINIA, our mission is to extend the operational life of vehicles while paving the way to a cleaner future. Our aftermarket parts are known for their durability and reliability, helping to ensure vehicles operate efficiently for extended periods of time. 

We are also committed to building a circular model of sustainability within the automotive industry. Our remanufacturing programs take used parts and carefully restore them to meet stringent quality standards and offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to new parts. These remanufactured parts offer significant environmental benefits by reducing the need for raw material extraction and manufacturing processes. 

Additionally, our products consider recyclability through the design process, to maximize the amount of component content that can be reintegrated into the supply chain at the end of their life. 

AMN: There is a lot of buzz around EV products right now, but you’ve said the need in the aftermarket is really wear and tear products for vehicles with combustion engines. How do you see this evolving in the future, and how does PHINIA evolve along with it?

Fryer: The majority of vehicles on the road today have internal combustion engines which need maintenance and repair. We supply the products that workshops need to service those vehicles and will continue to do so for many years to come. At the same time, we’re supporting the path to carbon neutrality by supporting the transition to alternative fuels across on- and off-highway light and commercial vehicles. Our focus is making a tangible impact on emissions from ICE engines today, while developing solutions catering to alternative fuels. We also supply products and offer support to technicians working on EVs to help them prepare for the future.  

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