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PhaseZero Noted For Digital Customer Experience Innovation

PhaseZero CxCommerce delivers unified customer experience approach to enable B2B, B2C and dropship fulfillment with a turnkey SaaS digital commerce solution.



PhaseZero, a leading B2B and B2C eCommerce software provider, was named a top innovator in customer experience management by Technology Innovators magazine.

Key takeaways from Technology Innovators’ cover story with PhaseZero include:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted and increased the need for digital commerce channels in both B2B and B2C environments.
  • Buyers expect easy and frictionless digital experience and transactions
  • PhaseZero CxCommerce delivers a Unified Customer Experience across all digital commerce channels with a turnkey solution built for the industry.

“We built our platform with unified customer experience as an enabler for business model innovation. Our customers are accelerating their digital sales with consistent experience across all their customer interactions,” ChandraSekar said. “The Unified Customer Experience is now the driving force for digital transformation for all businesses.”

In their introduction to this month’s issue, the editors of Technology Innovators note that managing customer experience has become increasingly complex and difficult – especially with the challenges of the pandemic. The solutions in their Top 20 Innovators in CEM of 2021 edition, including PhaseZero CxCommerce, make improving customer experience easier so companies can grow their loyalty, retention and revenue.

“People are used to the one-click convenience of shopping inside apps from major retailers, so all businesses now have to match or exceed that ease-of-doing-business and overall customer experience,” ChandraSekar said. “Delivering a unified and simple customer experience is often difficult when businesses rely on several different software systems for managing commerce, finance, and customers.”

CxCommerce’s strong partner ecosystem, certified and supported integrations allow businesses to deliver a world-class customer experience without changing or updating their existing business systems. CxCommerce’s built-in integrations and API options enable enterprises to gain operational efficiency and improve customer experience by streamlining product content, inventory, and availability across multiple systems to make the sales process easier for both customers and employees.

To see the CEM Innovators cover story, please visit https://www.technology-innovators.com/cem-technology-ceos-edition-2021.



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