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PhaseZero Launches CxAnalytics 1.0

Company says customers will benefit from real-time analytics and insights to drive high-impact, fact-based decisions.


PhaseZero, a B2B and B2C digital commerce software provider, has announced the introduction of introduced CxAnalytics 1.0. According to PhaseZero, CXAnalytics 1.0 is a new leadership analytics platform that integrates enterprise-wide data, providing business managers with valuable insights to drive high-impact, fact-based decisions that boost online sales, drive market share growth, and improve inventory management decisions.


Delivering on the company’s promise of providing “AI and Analytics Driven Digital Commerce” solutions to manufacturing and distribution companies, CxAnalytics 1.0 is a validated, pre-built analytics dashboard and Data-as-a-Service solution that comes pre-integrated with CxCommerce, Google Analytics, and numerous ERP systems. Its role-based intelligence enables companies to proactively manage customer growth, inventory and availability issues, stockout priorities, and their users’ search experience.

The company says this data-as-a-service offering provides an easy and efficient way to build and deploy data science and AI- and ML-driven applications, allowing business users, developers, marketing agencies, consulting and advisory services providers, systems integrators, and many other value-add service providers to accelerate successful outcomes for both traditional and digital multi-channel business execution.


PhaseZero says the introduction of CxAnalytics 1.0 is another proof point in its commitment to continuous innovation and customer and market-driven releases of its CxCommerce enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application platform.

“Companies today want to be data-driven, but many struggle to integrate their enterprise data and uncover the insights needed to make data-driven decisions,” said PhaseZero Founder and CEO Ram ChandraSekar. “With CxAnalytics, business leaders gain a proven, integrated data-as-a-service and analytics solution that reveals valuable insight to drive decisions that improve productivity, mitigate risk, and enable them to serve their customers better.”



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