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PFC Brakes Introduces 2020-‘21 Interceptor Pads

PFC uses the same heat-treating process as it does with its race pads.


Due to the increased demand for a longer-lasting friction solution, PFC Brakes introduces the all-new CarbonMetallic brake pads for the 2020-‘21 Ford Police Interceptor.


Using the same heat-treating process as it does with its race pads, PFC’s Police and First Responders CarbonMetallic pads are greener, quieter and last longer. These new front Interceptor pads are available now.

Features and benefits include:

  • Vehicle Specific Friction Material
  • Exceptional stopping power on all vehicles
  • Long Life Friction
  • Saves money, lowest cost per mile in fleet tests
  • Under Layer
  • Isolates, dampens, and reduces noise
  • Ionic Fusion Bonding Technology
  • Prevents separation between the friction and backing plate
  • Premium Backing Plates
  • Reduces noise and provides smooth operation
  • Temperature Resistant Shims
  • Provides a barrier to noise and vibration
  • Patented Powder Coating
  • Reduces corrosion and extends pad life



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