Petra Launches New Line-Up

Petra Launches New Lineup

The new products were introduced at Petra's annual conference.

Petra Automotive Products has announced the launch of several maintenance products designed to protect the unique needs of today’s passenger cars and trucks.

The new products were introduced at Petra’s annual conference and include:

  • Petra Engine Shield: Petra’s Engine Shield is a new engine oil supplement that features a rebalanced/boosted detergent/dispersant system, enhanced level of soot and wear control, and unique thermal/oxidation inhibitors to protect turbochargers. The result is a product that protects modern passenger car and truck engines equipped with high-performance gasoline direct-injection (GDI) engines, turbocharging, and advanced engine and emission control systems.
  • Petra Diesel Fuel Power II: Petra Diesel Fuel Power II is a multifunctional middle distillate fuel additive that reduces soot formation, lowers particulate emissions, recovers lost power, increases cetane number, prevents filter plugging, prevents sludging, and cleans injectors in modern diesel engines that employ Diesel Oxidation Catalysts, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), and SCR emission devices. It can reduce DPF regeneration cycles and improve fuel economy up to 12%..
  • Petra Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner: Petra MAFS Cleaner is a highly effective blend of solvents that are fast drying, non-conductive and safe to use on plastics, rubber and metal. Specifically formulated to quickly remove oil, grease, dirt and grime from automotive (gasoline and diesel) mass air flow sensors to restore air:fuel ratio and improve power, runnability, and fuel economy.
  • Petra SynEPS Electric Power Steering Fluid: Petra SynEPS Electric Power Steering Fluid is a premium quality synthetic power steering fluid designed for use in all automotive electric-hydraulic power steering (EHPS) or EPS systems across domestic, European, and Asian OEM designs.
  • Petra UltraCool EV Coolant (50/50): Petra UltraCool EV Coolant, featuring Super Low Conductivity technology, is a ready-to-use ethylene glycol-based coolant with very low electrical conductivity. This coolant is based on specialty corrosion inhibitors which imparts long-term, stable electrical conductivity that is essential for the safe operation of Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles across the spectrum of OEM EV vehicles. Conventional glycol-based engine coolants for ICE vehicle cooling systems are not suitable for EV’s based on the need for corrosion inhibition but low conductivity in addition to specific material compatibility. UltraCool is compatible with polymers and elastomers including EDPM, silicone rubber and Viton (fluorocarbon). Also safe on automotive finishes.

“New demands on engine oils, high-performance gasoline direct-injection (GDI) engines, turbocharging, and advanced electronics are designed to squeeze out every bit of power, fuel economy, and emissions performance possible in today’s vehicles. At Petra we are continually pushing the envelope of vehicle maintenance products in order to keep pace, and often ahead, of these changes,” said Arnold Gacita Sr., founder of Petra Automotive Products.

Petra Automotive offers a complete lineup of over 360 premium automotive service and car-care products available through over 1,900 automotive dealerships in the U.S. and distributes to 37 countries worldwide.

For more information on Petra Automotive and its award-winning vehicle performance products, please visit

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