Permatex Announces New OPTIMUM Gasket Maker Line

Permatex Announces New OPTIMUM Gasket Maker Line

Permatex OPTIMUM Grey and OPTIMUM Black Gasket Makers are designed for today's high-performance, high-stress applications.

Permatex has just launched its OPTIMUM Gasket Maker line, a new generation of high-performance gasket makers formulated to take sealing performance and reliability to a new level.

Permatex OPTIMUM Grey and OPTIMUM Black Gasket Makers are designed for today’s high-performance, high-stress applications. The company says they are stronger and more versatile and also competitively priced to make them more attractive to DIY and enthusiast customers.

Permatex OPTIMUM Grey Gasket Maker is a highly versatile RTV silicone gasket maker, combining some of the best RTV performance qualities into one product, according to the company. It provides superior adhesion and is capable of withstanding high torque loads and vibration while offering maximum temperature resistance up to +700 degrees F.

The company says these unique sealing capabilities give OPTIMUM Grey Gasket Maker the power to handle the extreme heat and high vibration produced by today’s high-performance engines. Permatex OPTIMUM Grey Gasket Maker also delivers a resistance to oils, cooling fluids and shop chemicals. It is sensor safe, low odor and non-corrosive. Key applications include intake manifold end seals, valve covers, oil pans, timing covers, water pump and thermostat housings, exhaust manifolds, headers and slip-fit exhaust parts.

Permatex OPTIMUM Black Gasket Maker is designed for use on today’s lighter and more flexible engine components, which have been adopted by manufacturers to improve fuel economy. Its advanced formulation and patented adhesion system makes it stronger and more flexible, and gives it the ability to withstand dynamic changes in assemblies with dissimilar metals, thinner, lightweight alloys and wider spread bolt patterns, says the company.

The product provides maximum resistance to oil and shop fluids. It is sensor safe, low odor and non-corrosive. Key applications include valve covers, oil pans, intake manifold seals and timing gear covers.

Both OPTIMUM Black and Grey Gasket Makers are offered in a 3.35-oz. carded tube and come with an extra nozzle for added customer convenience.

Permatex will be supporting its new OPTIMUM line with an aggressive, high-impact promotional campaign featuring a full roster of promotional vehicles to reach do-it-yourselfers and enthusiasts.

Keith Nelson, Permatex product manager, said, “With our new Permatex OPTIMUM program, we’ve created an exceptional business opportunity for our distribution and retail partners. In developing our Optimum line, we focused on the key application demands created by the new component materials and types of assemblies that carmakers have adopted in their effort to meet MPG goals. These new, lightweight, high-performance components required new sealing technology at the aftermarket level, and our Permatex OPTIMUM Gasket Makers not only fit the bill but will also result in incremental category growth.”

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