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Performance Racing Industry Honors Lucas Oil With A 2020 Global Media Award

Lucas Oil products’ newly released FL-0 Low Viscosity Synthetic Racing Engine Oil was selected as a winning entry for the trade show’s Global Media Award.

Over 500 product entries from this year’s PRI show were reviewed by an esteemed panel of international judges. Winners of the PRI Global Media Awards Program were selected by these industry experts who believe a product is most likely to succeed in their respective countries.
Photo: Performance Racing Industry

During the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show in Indianapolis, Lucas Oil products’ newly released FL-0 Low Viscosity Synthetic Racing Engine Oil was selected as a winning entry for the trade show’s Global Media Award. The PRI Trade Show takes place in Indianapolis and serves as a platform for industry professionals from all over the world to discover new racing products and trends.

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The FL-0 Low Viscosity Synthetic Racing Oil is Lucas’ new premium, super-efficient, low viscosity racing engine oil. Inspired by Lucas’ racing heritage, FL-0 was developed with the help of six-time NHRA Pro Stock world champion Warren Johnson and his son Kurt. It is formulated with an exclusive blend of PAO, organic esters, dispersants, borates organic compounds, friction modifiers and ZDDP. FL-0 is ideal for use in Pro Stock Racing or any application using low-viscosity racing engine oils.

“We’ve put many hours of R&D into developing our new FL-0 oil, and we’re really excited to see all that hard work be well received on the track and off,” said Morgan Lucas, SVP of sales, Lucas Oil products. “Getting recognized by the PRI judges with a Global Media Award is very special to us, and as we continue to develop new products, we hope to push the racing industry in a direction that produces products with benefits for both competitive and everyday vehicles.”

Lucas FL-0 Low Viscosity Synthetic Racing Engine Oil. Product #10892 (1 Quart)

The Global Media Awards Program honors products that have been selected by a panel of industry experts from around the world. Journalists from top publications serve as judges who identify what new products at the PRI trade show are most likely to succeed in their home countries.