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Penske Adopts Redline PowerSmoke Technology

The high-pressure diagnostic leak detection system will be used across more than 250 Penske locations.


Redline Detection, an industry leader in OEM-mandated diagnostic leak detection technology, announced today at AAPEX that Penske Truck Leasing and Rental will implement Redline’s high-pressure leak detection technology across more than 250 U.S. locations. Bosch HPT 500 provides high-pressure diagnostic leak detection for the maintenance and repair of heavy-duty and boosted vehicles.

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“HPT 500 will be a great addition to Penske’s industry-leading maintenance practices,” said Alex Parker, executive vice president of Redline Detection.
“This technology is uniquely able to pinpoint upstream component leaks – the root cause of 74 percent of aftertreatment problems – allowing technicians to see invisible air leaks deep in the engine. Retesting after the repair confirms that the work has been done correctly the first time and tests take under 15 minutes, so it’s a dramatic time-savings.”

According to Bosch, HPT 500 uses regular compressed air to reach and maintain a variable pressure of 2 to 20 psi throughout the vehicle’s intake and exhaust system. Patented Power Intake adaptors block off any size and shape of intake or exhaust orifice. Compressed air with visual vapor is forced into the system, simulating the load of a running engine. Many upstream leaks will only appear under these boosted pressures, according to Bosch. The dense, highly visible vapor flows throughout the truck’s hoses, tubes and related components and escapes anywhere there is a leak, pinpointing the exact location of the problem. Unlike a traditional EVAP smoke machine, HPT 500 creates dramatically higher volume of visual vapor, at a higher pressure and faster flow rate designed for larger volume, heavy-duty vehicles, the company notes.


According to Parker, “Using high-pressure diagnostic leak detection will ensure greater vehicle uptime, first-time fix and provide major cost-savings. We’re delighted that Penske sees the advantage in implementing this technology and honored to partner with Bosch in supplying Penske Truck Leasing and Rental with this valuable tool.”