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#OurSharedStory: Highlight The Unsung Heroes

Over the past few days, AMN has shared the news of individuals and organizations both large and small taking action to support their communities as we all unite to slow the spread of COVID-19.

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From the likes of GM and 3M shifting production from cars and adhesives to respirators and masks for healthcare workers and first responders, to collision shops pickup up a message on Facebook to donate extra N95 masks to healthcare workers in their communities, to the bosses making sure their employees don’t have to worry about money, inspiring stories are all around us right now. 

At AMN, we would like to share these messages of hope and humanity. Please take a moment to reach out and tell us about the Unsung Heroes in your little corner of the world right now and we will highlight them in an upcoming issue. Use the hashtag #oursharedstory on social media and send an email to AMN Editor Amy Antenora at [email protected].


Thank you and stay well.




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