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OTC Expands its Portfolio of Specialty Tools and Equipment

New professional grade bit socket sets and L Key wrench sets among new offerings.


OWATONNA, Minn. — OTC, an SPX brand, has expanded its portfolio of specialty tools and equipment with the release of two new professional grade bit socket sets — the OTC RIBE bit socket set (P/N 5904); and the OTC Tamper Resistant TORX PLUS bit socket set (P/N 5905). Furthering its commitment to setting industry standards for innovative, high-quality products, the company also released a new family of L Key wrench sets. Collectively, these new sets extend the range of OTC’s bit socket solutions to include unique specialty fasteners used by OEMs.

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“Commonly found on many late model European vehicles and light trucks, RIBE profiles, sometimes called ‘polydrive’ are popping up in our marketplace, especially where high-torque fastening is required,” said Dirk Skogerboe, OTC aftermarket product manager for professional specialty tools. “Most common applications are with European vehicles such as Volkswagen, Audi, Lancer, Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo.”
The OTC 5904 12-piece RIBE bit socket set includes sizes from M4 to M16 for use on components like cylinder heads, headlights and transmission fill plugs, while the new OTC 5905 11-Piece Tamper Resistant TORX PLUS bit socket set is ideal for removing and installing the unique five-lobe tamper resistant TORX PLUS profiles found in automotive MAF sensors, headlamp adjusters or body components like side mirrors. This fastener profile is also found in heavy-duty vehicles on valve covers, timing covers, engine heads and diesel fuel injection components, where OEMs have used special fasteners that are not readily available to the aftermarket.
OTC’s new 5905 11-Piece Tamper Resistant TORX PLUS gives technicians a great solution to add to their tool chest. The set comes in sizes from IPR-08 to IPR-55, giving technicians the confidence of having the right tool for the job at hand.
Among these new offerings, OTC also released its new 10-piece L Key wrench sets. Starting with two common Hex profiles—both Fractional (P/N 6950) and Metric (P/N 6952)—OTC offers three TORX profiles. These L Key wrenches are available in TORX (P/N 6954), TORX PLUS (P/N 6956) and Tamper Resistant TORX (P/N 6958).
These tools give technicians a quick solution to sizing, removing and installing specialty fasteners with the advantage of extra reach for deep set specialty fasteners. The L Key wrenches are packaged in a very durable “slide out” holder for ease of selection and will not break like many folding holders can. A hang tab is included for storage options. Each wrench is size-marked for quick identification and finished in satin chrome for professional appearance.
“Our products are licensed to carry the TORX trademark, which indicates compliance with precise specifications, so don’t be fooled by ‘look alike’ bit sockets that can cause substandard engagement, fastener damage or premature tool wear,” said Skogerboe. “All OTC bit sockets and specialty fastener L Keys are manufactured with the highest quality of premium tool grade steel thus ensuring a long life of repetitive use in the shop. More importantly, these hand tools carry the OTC brand and have a lifetime warranty.”


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