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Opus IVS To Release IVSMap Featuring ADAS Blueprint

Opus IVS will introduce the IVSMap, which features ALLDATA integration, at SEMA Booth #35069.


Opus IVS has announced that it will introduce IVSMap, a patent pending digital vehicle blueprint map integrating the diagnostic tool with Opus IVS Repair data and ALLDATA service information.  IVSMap creates an ADAS Blueprint with a list of ADAS systems on the vehicle, calibrations required (by system), targets required, estimated time to calibrate system(s), service information links, ALLDATA trouble code service information lookup by DTC, Opus IVS repair suggestions by vehicle and technical notes.  Additionally, IVSMap enables collision repairers to connect with an ADAS expert on-demand for that vehicle to help consult on a repair plan. IVSMap may be reviewed at SEMA Booth # 35069.


According to Brian Herron, President, Opus IVS, “IVSMap drives safety and productivity by alerting repairers to what ADAS equipment is on the vehicle before the repair, what targets are needed and other relevant calibration information.  It uses innovative technology developed by Opus IVS and integrated with our DriveSafe and ScanSafe tools to read ADAS information directly out of the vehicle ECUs and automatically provides a blueprint of ADAS technology and service information.  From there, customers can press a button and connect remotely to our IVS 360 Live Expert Support team that covers every vehicle brand to answer questions or help resolve calibration issues or diagnostics.”  


Herron added, “We believe IVSMap represents the next generation of safety and productivity for collision shops.  Our team has provided OEM-endorsed solutions to independent repairers and dealerships for over a decade. Our solutions provide the capability for self-directed aftermarket QuickScan, True-OE OEM certified collision program scanning, RAP remote assisted programming and ADAS calibrations backed by live diagnostic support to complete a quality repair – all coupled with the ability to easily document the results through CCC software integration.”

Opus IVS, formerly known as Drew Technologies, surpassed 1 million collision scans well ahead of projections this year and is forecast to hit 2 million scans in 2022.  Its industry-leading DriveSafe and ScanSafe diagnostic scan tools help collision shops improve cycle time while performing aftermarket pre-, in-process and post-scans, OEM scanning, flash programming and ADAS calibrations. The All-NEW DriveSafe and ScanSafe with IVSMap are easy-to-use collision solutions that do it all backed by IVS 360™ Live Expert Support and fully integrated with CCC ONE® software. 


For more information about Opus IVS DriveSafe™ and ScanSafe™, now featuring IVSMap™, and the company’s industry-leading aftermarket QuickScan™ and OEM scanning solutions, visit



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