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Opus IVS Partners With Certified Collision Group

CCG worked with Opus IVS, formerly known as Drew Technologies, to bring ScanSafe and DriveSafe to the group.


Certified Collision Group (CCG), the OE certifications and KPI-focused solutions provider to the collision repair and insurance communities, has entered into an agreement to deploy the Opus IVS collision scanning solution to its network of 575-plus independent affiliate locations in 39 states.


CCG worked with Opus IVS, formerly known as Drew Technologies, to bring ScanSafe and DriveSafe to the group – allowing shops to improve cycle time while performing aftermarket pre- and post-repair scans, in-process scans, OEM scanning, flash programming and ADAS calibrations. The solution is fully integrated with CCC ONE software to provide shops with one easy-to-use collision solution that does it all.

The Opus IVS diagnostic partnership is consistent with CCG’s focus on providing the insurance community with a sustainable alternative that is differentiated by 2,500-plus OEM badges and industry-leading KPI results.

“Opus IVS is proud to work with Certified Collision Group and is looking forward to supporting its affiliate partners across the U.S. with diagnostic scanning, calibration and live expert support,” said Brian Herron, president, Opus IVS. “Our team has provided OEM-endorsed solutions to dealerships and independent repairers for over a decade. Our solutions provide collision repair facilities with the capability for aftermarket quick-scanning, OEM-endorsed scanning, programming and ADAS calibrations backed by live diagnostic support to complete a quality repair – all coupled with the ability to easily document the results. We are grateful that CCG chose to work with Opus IVS to bring solutions to their affiliate partners to support the future of diagnosing, calibrating and programming advanced vehicles.”


Added CCG Chief Operating Officer Marty Evans, “We are excited to partner with Opus IVS and the opportunity to provide our independent affiliate partners with yet another high-quality, first-class diagnostic solution. As technological needs evolve at an ever-increasing pace, this new strategic alliance not only helps us keep pace, but rather, keeps us one step ahead. CCG is committed to partnering with only the best and most technologically advanced providers in the world, guaranteeing that every independent affiliate can continue to deliver an OE-certified, proper repair in a timely, customer-friendly fashion regardless of manufacturer.”



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