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Open Call For 2022 Champion Oil Sponsorship Submissions

The review process is set to end Dec. 15, 2021.


Champion Oil, a PLZ Aeroscience Company and a recognized leader in racing and specialty lubricants, has started the process of reviewing 2022 driver and team submissions for “Factory Product Sponsorships, Elite Racing Status, and Champion Distributor Sponsorships” in addition to a racing contingency program for regional and national racers in North America

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“As the current racing season is winding down, it’s not too early to look ahead for next season”, stated Karl Dedolph, director of Champion Racing and Performance Products. “Champion is looking to sponsor a variety of racers and race teams in Dirt-Track, Drag Racing, Road-Racing, Asphalt, Off-Road, Rock Crawling, Drifting, Diesel Drag Racing, Truck or Tractor Pull, Micro-Sprint, Autocross, Karting, etc. “  

“Our review process, which ends December 15 of this year, looks at numerous criteria such as: previous wins, top-5s, top-10s, championships, current series, number of events in 2021, plans for 2022, social media influence, media coverage, etc. No specific category carries more weight than the other. We want to participate in as many different types of racing series that make sense, so we look at the overall submission and value to promoting Champion products.”   


“Our top-tier factory sponsorship program includes product and marketing support. The “Elite” series provides an exclusive purchasing contact, contingency pay-outs, and monitoring of on-going race results for future sponsorship consideration. And, the third program is for our MWD Distributors to sponsor their house team or a customer’s team with our support,” added Dedolph.   

Submissions for 2022 Racing Sponsorships can be sent to [email protected] with the following information: name, email, phone, series, results in 2021, and active social media platforms.  


Champion Racing Motor Oils and competition Diesel Engine Oils are built specifically to meet the lubrication demands of race motors and engines, especially those, in some cases, using flat tappet and roller cams operating at high RPMs and that require high-pressure valve springs.  

To meet these demands, Champion utilizes its premium ZDDP anti-wear protection package, which contains a unique balance of chemistry that includes high levels of zinc and phosphorus. In addition, all Champion Racing motor oils contain our exclusive TVS (Thermal Viscosity Stabilizer) technology. This proprietary technology delivers unmatched film strength at high temperature, better piston ring seal for maximum compression, and increases the foot-pounds of torque in most engines.