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NTEA Appoints 41st President

Mike Frizzell was installed as the 41st president of the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA), during the association’s 41st Annual Convention held March 2-4 in conjunction with The Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI — Mike Frizzell was installed as the 41st president of the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA), during the association’s 41st Annual Convention held March 2-4 in conjunction with The Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

“It’s overwhelming to be elected leader of an association that represents a $98 billion industry. To serve the industry in which I have spent my entire adult career is very special,” said Frizzell.

Frizzell is president of Royal Truck Body – River City (Sacramento, Calif.), a service body distributor in the Western U.S. He kicked off his career in 1968 at an industrial rubber company. Through his sales role, he developed a relationship with a manufacturer of hydraulic equipment that led to a seven-year stint in the company’s truck equipment division. Frizzell went into business for himself in 1978, opening River City Truck Equipment in Sacramento. In 1999, Royal Truck Body purchased River City Truck Equipment.

“Because of his business background, Mike is a president who can relate to all of our members,” said NTEA Executive Director Jim Carney. “As a business owner, he suffered through problems that many of our smaller members experience from time to time. Having sold his business to a larger company and now working for them, he has that perspective as well. His experiences bring him a well-rounded view of both small and larger companies.”

Frizzell said his objectives as NTEA president are simple: “Continue fostering the excellent work that the current board has undertaken and see through the continuation of those initiatives.” Some of those efforts will include the implementation of the Member Verification Program and the SPEQ (Sales, Productivity, Earnings and Quality) Plan Manual, as well as the succession plan for Carney, who has given notice of his intention to step down as executive director in 2008.

For more information about the NTEA, go to: www.ntea.com.


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