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NovaPacific Expands Coverage To 98 Percent Of Vehicles On The Road

With help from Vertical Development, startup NovaPacific expands its water pump offerings and gains new clients.


After celebrating its one-year anniversary in January, automotive water pump startup NovaPacific has expanded its coverage to 98 percent of vehicles on the road with the help of Vertical Development’s ShowMeTheParts. The collaboration enabled NovaPacific to manage its online catalog while rolling out new SKUs and increasing its customer base, according to the company.

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ShowMeTheParts created a complete parts catalog for NovaPacific, which allows the company to quickly identify and fix any problems that might arise during the ordering process. This partnership has helped build trust with potential customers by making parts information readily available to potential customers while showing that NovaPacific is serious about supporting its products, the company added.

ShowMeTheParts is one of the world’s largest publicly available online parts databases, offering photos, technical documents and 360-degree views in addition to parts specifications and interchange information. The same interface and features used in the full database are available to companies like NovaPacific that need a way to release a fully featured, mature online catalog that can be searched by customers with just a few mouse clicks.


Over the past year, the two companies have worked together to develop a smooth process for order fulfillment, helping NovaPacific provide the same quality service as an established supplier with an SKU fill rate of 99.3 percent. In the past two months, NovaPacific has added 227 SKUs, expanding its coverage from 97 percent to 98 percent of vehicles on the road.

The usefulness of ShowMeTheParts for NovaPacific goes well past the availability of its parts information. NovaPacific’s President of North America, John Casanova, found that by working with Vertical Development, the company was able to establish itself as a serious presence in the market.


“When I have discussed our relationship with Vertical Development, many times that has solidified our presence in the automotive aftermarket. A very important point to the aftermarket customer is that we are partnering with the correct suppliers, which we believe we have with Vertical Development and our clients have confirmed this,” said Casanova.

While rolling out new products, the company also added 68 new customers and is now an approved supplier for TruStar Inc. Through TruStar, NovaPacific can reach independent distributors and shops across North America.

For new businesses, like NovaPacific, Vertical Development is able to create a system that meets its needs and scales as it grows, so the company is always able to deliver accurate parts information, the company noted.


“Our catalog system is scalable to fit the needs of both large and small businesses, letting us work with startups like NovaPacific to create a full-featured, professional catalog, and then fine tune information delivery to best suit its needs. As they grow, we can help them transition to in-house catalog creation while offering support where they need it,” said Jay Wright, president of Vertical Development.