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Noregon Releases Major Upgrades For JPRO Professional

JPRO Professional 2021 v2 is available for purchase and active JPRO subscribers can update at no additional cost.


Noregon has announced the second major update of the year for JPRO Professional, the company’s in-shop diagnostic and troubleshooting tool. The release – JPRO Professional 2021 v2 – is available for purchase and active JPRO subscribers can update at no additional cost.


“Trucks continue to become more complex and therefore more difficult to diagnose and repair. To alleviate the issues this causes, we ensure each JPRO Professional release adds tools and features to make technicians’ jobs easier,” said Jason Hedman, JPRO product manager for Noregon. “For example, this release helps techs quickly identify performance and health-related issues on vehicle systems that affect the cost of ownership or could later sideline an otherwise healthy vehicle.”

After setting the standard with its aftertreatment diagnostic screen, JPRO’s latest release offers similar user-friendly features and design to help technicians diagnose issues related to coolant, oil and fuel systems. These interactive screens present live key data points in easy-to-follow diagrams to help uncover irregularities. 


Additionally, Noregon enhanced JPRO’s ability to submit vehicle repair information to third-party databases to create cases and begin warranty submissions. Starting with this release, authorized users can submit information to Trimble’s TMT/TMW service, in addition to existing databases such as Decisiv, Bendix, and others.

“JPRO should be the first tool a technician reaches for when a truck arrives at the shop. Regardless of the make and model, they can triage, diagnose, and troubleshoot with JPRO in most instances. To expect a technician to stay in a single application throughout the entire process means giving them all the necessary tools to do so. Integrating with major OE databases is an essential part of that process,” explained Hedman.


The release also features updated coverage and new bi-directional tests for many major component manufacturers, including emerging advanced driver safety assistance (ADAS) systems. 

Active subscribers can update JPRO via a prompt in the application when they have an active internet connection, or manually update online. 

For additional assistance, visit the Noregon website or contact their US-based support specialists at 855-889-5776.



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