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NEXUS Takes Active Role In Aftermarket Federations

NEXUS Automotive International (N!) has become the first International Trading Group (ITG) to join ANDAP, the national organization representing the largest auto parts distributors in Brazil.


NEXUS Automotive International (N!) has become the first International Trading Group (ITG) to join ANDAP, the national organization representing the largest auto parts distributors in Brazil.

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This move is in accord with the alliance’s strategy of getting closer to markets it operates in by taking an active role in leading aftermarket federations.

NEXUS also has joined the Auto Care Association, which serves the nearly 3,000 member companies that represent the entire supply chain of the United States aftermarket.

It all builds on NEXUS’ long-standing membership of FIGIEFA, the European distributors’ alliance.

ANDAP was founded in 1971 and represents more than 40 Brazilian distributors and 35 auto parts manufacturers. Its objectives are in line with those of NEXUS: to encourage cooperation between distributors and manufacturers, champion commercial ethics in the marketplace, and to promote studies to improve the automotive aftermarket.

NEXUS will support the work of ANDAP by providing information and insights into worldwide trends and international benchmarking.

Brazil is the largest market in Latin America with 45 million passenger cars and heavy-duty vehicles. It also is the second-largest market, by country, for NEXUS globally.

Thierry Mugnier, NEXUS executive director and CFO, said, “Brazil is a flag bearer for entrepreneurship and progressive thinking. NEXUS is matching that bold approach by becoming the first ITG to join ANDAP with the ambition to use its international experience and strategy to establish a solid partnership to face the Brazilian aftermarket challenges.”


Fernando Passos, NEXUS business development director, Latin America, added, “Through the regional organization NEXUS Automotive Brazil, we have launched several local initiatives, including N! Academy training events and N! Connecting Days. Joining ANDAP provides us with an exciting opportunity to get even closer to the market here and take our activity to the next level.”

“NEXUS’ entry into ANDAP will greatly contribute to the relationships surrounding the Brazilian aftermarket, bringing technological and management evolution to our distributors and manufacturers,” said Rodrigo Francisco Araujo Carneiro, president of ANDAP. “We are very happy and honored with the arrival of NEXUS in ANDAP.”




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