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NEXUS North America Named NEXUS Member Of The Year 2020

This second edition of N! Virtual Days took place April 7-8.


Distributors and manufacturers from around the world logged on this week for ‘N! Virtual Days’, a two-day digital summit organized by NEXUS Automotive International, one of the world’s largest global aftermarket alliances.

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This second edition of N! Virtual Days (April 7-8) fell at around the time N! members would normally have gathered for the annual N! Business Forum, but which could not take place due to Coronavirus restrictions.

During the two-day digital summit organized by NEXUS Automotive International, N! Member NEXUS North America was named Member of the Year 2020. The group is composed of the following distributors: Advance Stores Company, Automotive Distribution Network, Automotive Parts Associates, Centro de distribution Oriente and Vipar.

NEXUS NORTH AMERICA was recognized for outstanding contributions to the N! Community. Their excellent performance, despite the global social and economic circumstances over the past year, demonstrated a progressive approach and strong involvement within the NEXUS Community.

Larry Griffin, director of Program Management of VIPAR, represented the group during the award ceremony which took place online at the NEXUS Virtual Show conference on April 8.

NEXUS CEO Gael Escribe said, “The Nexus North America group deserve the highest congratulations for their outstanding performance, their achievements are inspiring. The drive, commitment and initiative they showed is a great example of the entrepreneurial spirit that exists within the whole N! Community.”



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